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Which Stream to Choose?

Added on: 25 Jan, 2018

XI is the most crucial class of our academic life. One wrong step and you've gone far away from your goal. One correct step, and you've made your life. Before taking any decision, know your potential. There are many ways to know this. My suggestion is you should sit somewhere alone with a pen and paper and note down your interests, strengths and weaknesses. Consult your family for the same as they are the ones who know you very well. You can also take your friends help. Then your own interest is very important. It doesn't matter how good you are or how dull you are at academics. There are many students who don't take any interest in what is going on in the class and are on the backseat with a pen, notebook making cartoons, comics, patterns, drawings etc., lost in their own world of imagination. If this is their area of interest, then why not. go ahead with it. Similarly, there are many others who are mostly found playing video games. If this is their area of interest, they can go for animation, a very trendy career. It's all about your interests, because once you are interested, you do everything to the best of your ability. You need direction or awareness about different career prospects. Generally, all schools conduct career or stream counselling sessions and one should never miss them.

Never go for any stream counselling to any coaching institute because their only aim is to just convince you to join their institute. They are so money minded that they will surely convince you to focus on some career for which they provide coaching. They know the art of changing somebody's mind very well. They will offer you huge discounts but at the end you only will suffer and you can't even blame them. Other factors like your focus, determination, hard work, practice, seriousness, concentration, are essential to reach your goal.

You may go to some professional career counsellor or take advice from your subject teachers about which subject you are good at. After counselling, you may go ahead with that stream. Once you've taken a decision, work on it day in and day out. Don't miss a single opportunity to become what you want. After all, we have to prove to ourselves and to others that our dreams can become a reality.