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School Timings

Monday - Saturday 07:50 AM - 02:10 PM

Our Vision & Mission


  1. Nurturing children to be future leaders through excellent teaching methodology, incorporating unparalleled learning concepts and ensuring mental and physical growth and hence developing the quality of leadership in the child to drive the growth of society and nation.
  2. Promote spiritual, cultural and physical development of students.
  3. Empower students with creative and imaginative instincts so that they can have better problem solving skills.
  4. Curriculum design to encourage cognitive, emotion and skill based growth.
  5. Innovative designed curriculum focused on imparting knowledge and fostering creative talents.
  6. Extra-curricular activities and work education classes as part of curriculum.
  7. Dedicated and efficient teachers with best teaching methodology.
  8. For Army Public School, Chandimandir, realizing the vision is not an end in itself but rather an essential condition for allowing the spirit of the school to emerge and flourish.


The school will work together to achieve the vision. The essential practices (values) that the school staff will prioritise in the process of implementing the broad and balanced curriculum to prepare students towards a responsive global citizens are: -

  1. Instilling integrity & honesty
  2. Fostering dynamism & patriotism
  3. Inculcating passion for excellence
  4. Nurturing team work, loyalty and respect
  5. Encouraging uprightness & courage of conviction

KRAs for the School

  1. Development of Communicative Competencies
  2. Optimum Use of Technology as an Aid in Teaching
  3. Empowerment of Teachers
  4. Preparing Students for College and Beyond
  5. Motivating and Training of Students for Career in the Army.