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In-Service Training Program

In-Service Training Program for Teachers Conducted at APS, Chandimandir

A comprehensive In-Service Training Programme for teachers was organised online by Army Public School, Chandimandir, from 24th May to 31st May 2021 where all the teachers were re-equipped with the necessary knowledge for their skill-enrichment. Many competent presentations were delivered by members from among the faculty itself on various insightful topics.

Developing Life Skills and Maintaining a Good Value System
Ms Neelam Pandey and Ms Rachna Bhardwaj delivered this session in which they highlighted the importance of good values and self-belief. By acquainting the students with the art of introspection, they are equipped with right attitudes and values required to develop a strong personality. As per the requirements of the NEP 2020, life skills too are crucial to a child’s ability to survive in this world and this new era requires new 21st century skills to be imparted to students. To cultivate these life skills, some basic elements like knowledge, self-awareness, clarity of mind, compassion, and curiosity are required to be developed among the students.

Restructuring Of APPS Curriculum
This session was conducted by Ms Manu Tomar and Ms Deepika Bhatia on the need for restructuring of the APPS (Army Pre Primary Schools) Curriculum and how to, productively, usher the change in. The aim of the restructuring of the curriculum of APPS, in accordance with the NEP, 2020 is to facilitate holistic development of the child and make a strong base in the early crucial years by promoting conceptual learning, activity based learning and inclusive education. This helps the students to make a smooth and seamless transition from UKG or pre-school 3 to Class 1.

National Education Policy 2020 and its Impact On The School System
Delivered by Ms Suman Singh, it was a very informative session on how NEP, 2020 is going affect our school by changing the whole structure beginning from the pre-primary school, up until Class 12. Much emphasis was laid on shifting to a more practical and experiential approach in academics, and incorporating skill training with the regular academics.

Impact and Role of Mass Media During The Pandemic
In this session, the different ways in which mass media played different roles during the pandemic were discussed by Ms Manu Maya Limbu and Ms Rachna Kapur. Like any coin, it too, had two sides during the pandemic- both positive as well as negative. It helped in spreading awareness as well as panic. They also cautioned teachers not to spread any misinformation and to make their students aware of the same.

Emotional Well Being
The highly informative session, conducted by Ms Preeti Ahluwalia, was very helpful as it talked about the under-discussed topic of mental health. A happy student is more attentive and hence more eager to learn. As teachers, it is our duty to ensure the presence of a safe and secure classroom atmosphere favourable for physical, mental and emotional well being of the students.

Innovative Pedagogy
The teachers of Hindi Department- Ms Ritu Bhatia, Ms Anita Kumari, Ms Parvesh, and Mr Kuldeep came together to deliver this enlightening session on what all innovative ways teachers can use in the classroom to increase engagement and student participation. Stress was laid on interactive and gamified learning which cater to the interest as well as academic growth of the students.

Making Maths A Pleasure
Conducted by the faculty of Maths Department- Ms Amandeep Kaur, Ms Anita Chikara, Ms Kushal Rani, and Ms Tripti, this session was pragmatic and focussed on efficient exchange of knowledge between the teachers and students. To make one of the most feared subjects fun and enjoyable, should be the goal of teachers and shifting to a more practical approach can help in achieving it.

Artificial Intelligence
Ms Suman Singh (Principal) effectively explained this novel topic and urged teachers to open their minds to new technological advancements. AI, being the future, should not just be understood but also appropriately used in planning and executing our lessons. In addition to introducing AI as a new additional subject for students, its use must be normalised by integrating it with other subjects as well.

Magic of Science
This interactive and productive session, conducted by Mr Suresh Bhagat, Ms Vibha and Ms Harbani, was aimed at ways in which learning science can be turned into a joyous feat for the students. By bringing to light, the awe-inspiring aspects of scientific experimentation in front of the students, their interest and curiosity can be increased manifolds.

Experiential Learning
This intellectual presentation, given by Ms Vijay Lakshmi, was an endeavour to encourage the replacement of the traditional lecture methods with “learning-by-doing” methods, among teachers. Experiential Learning is a joyful, activity-based learning which involves integration with arts, sports etc hence making it an efficient method of education.

Preparation of IEP For Various Disabilities
Ms Ramandeep and Ms Shailja introduced this thought provoking session on Individualised Learning Programme and briefed everyone on how to cover all the learning aspects and cater to different needs of the child while making such a plan, with respect to various disabilities. It requires great observation and personalised solutions; hence, it needs to be executed meticulously.

Practical Uses Of MS-Excel For A Teacher
This demonstrative workshop was delivered by Ms Akanksha and Mr Baljeet, who showed many foolproof ways of using MS-Excel. They exhibited how to, conveniently, organize our data and save both efforts and time which is usually wasted in maintaining the records, manually.